Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail Hikes

The following is the composite route of several hikes, east to west, of several segments of the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail. These hikes were taken in 2004 and 2005:

Date Segment Distance
23 May 2004 Will Rogers State Park to Saddle Peak Road 15.99 miles
12 June 2004 Saddle Peak Road to Corral Canyon Trailhead 14.30 miles
10 October 2004 Corral Canyon Trailhead to Zuma Ridge Trailhead (Encinal Canyon Road) 10.09 miles
13 February 2005 Zuma Ridge Trailhead (Encinal Canyon Road) to Triunfo Pass 12.88 miles
26 February 2005 Triunfo Pass to Ray Miller Trailhead 17.90 miles

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